Relaxation, nature and culture

rioticologo There are a wide variety of activities to do in and around the Rio Tico Safari Lodge. Explore the mountainous rainforest on foot on our hiking trails. Another way to appreciate our unique area is on a horseback ride through the mountains or on the deserted beaches. At the end of an active day you can refresh yourself in a stunning waterfall nearby the Rio Tico Safari Lodge.

From August till mid October and from the end of December till April you have an excellent opportunity to see humpback whales and dolphins in the nearby Marino Ballena National Park. The humpback whales come to this bay to give birth and let their young feed for a few months before making the arduous trip north. You can also explore the underwater world snorkelling or diving or make an exciting trip with a sea kayak along the rocky coastline. And don't forget, nearby Sierpe, it is the centre for exploring the largest mangrove estuary left in the Americas. On day trips in the river canals, visitors often see several species of birds, monkeys, caiman and even tree boa constrictors.

From the Rio Tico Safari Lodge you can make a day trip, or take several days to explore Corcovado National Park. This is one of most the ecologically undisturbed areas of Costa Rica and one of the few places in the world where one has a real chance to see a tapir in the wild. In addition, the four different Costa Rican monkey species are often seen here as well as scarlet macaws, toucans, anteaters, coatis, racoons, deer, wild boars, snakes, crocodiles and countless bird species.

Besides all the exotic nature that Costa Rica has to offer, you may also enjoy learning the traditions of the local indigenous tribe, the Borucas. The Borucas still practice the art forms of their ancestors which can be experienced during an interactive tour to the Boruca village. The Boruca are happy to show you how they craft their traditional wooden masks, make their colored thread with natural dyes and the process of weaving on their looms.

But of course you can also relax in a hammock near the river or on one of the spectacular beaches. At night you can find several good international restaurants in the nearby village of Ojochal. Don't forget to catch your own tilapia at the tilapia farm and restaurant in Vergel de Punta Mala. Your fish will be cooked over an open fire and served to you! Of course, if you are too relaxed to catch your own fish, they will do it for you.


- Whales & Dolphins tour Marino Ballena National Park    US$ 60.- p.p.
- Corcovado National Park - Day tour US$ 100.- p.p.
- Isla del Caño incl. snorkeling - Day tour US$ 100.- p.p.
- Horseback riding from US$ 45.- p.p.
- Boruca incl. lunch, excl. transport US$ 25.- p.p.
- Canopy tour US$ 55.- p.p.
- Kayaking through the mangrove US$ 40.- p.p.
- Hiking with a local guide from US$ 40.- p.p.